Groundwater Essay in Meanjin

Groundwater Essay in Meanjin

I am delighted to have a memoir type essay about a journey to the Mound Springs of South Australia published in the Winter 2023 edition of Meanjin (Vol 82, No. 2).

Titled “Groundwater”, the piece recounts a road trip to Dalhousie Springs, a warm spring fed pool near the Northern Territory Border. The opening sentences read:

The water is the temperature of blood. Under a white-hot sky the swimming hole at Dalhousie Springs is fringed with thick reeds and creamy-flowered, paper-barked Melaleucas. Long-billed corellas on drooping branches watch me float.

The essay provides the hydrogeological foundations to how the Mound Springs form and discusses their perilous futures.

I am proud to join many great writers in this edition of Meanjin.